Life can get a little frustrating when you want to be somewhere but are stuck in another place. I was working in our ABC shop and said, “Lord, I can’t get out on the doors, so please bring someone in”.

A young lady came in that afternoon. She had been using her “work share car” and had found an Ellen White book in the drivers pocket. She read a bit then when she stopped again for lunch she read some more. She then rang the second-hand Christian shop to see if they had any of her books, but was told to contact our shop. So what a delight when she arrived! I gave her a basket as she had a handful of little books, and she just walked around picking up others, in fact, she got 10 little steps to Christ to share.

I asked how come she called in to see us and that was her story. When she said she was a nurse, I went and got “101 secrets to a healthy life” and she was delighted with it. I had told her David had cancer and this book really helped me to help him! Listed the good foods which fight against cancer.

A few days later she rang to see if I had some of the Dr Arnots books left, and a special picture which was up on the wall. I had both so she came back again. We had a prayer together. When she left I was delighted that she called but very sad that by the end of next month we will be closing our shop doors. My question is, where do our non-Adventist customers get their books then? Maybe this is God’s way of saying to us all, “I want you going out into the community and sharing books or leaflets instead”.

-Collette Brown, Literature Evangelist, Team Leader,  South New Zealand Conference