I was at the Final Door of the day, and wanted to sell the Desire Of Ages. I only had that book, the Ministry of Healing and the Cook 30 left in my bag. A man came to the door not looking too good; he’d just got out of hospital. He wasn’t interested in anything until I offered him a prayer. He said he was an Anglican and shouldn’t mix with other religions, but then said how he’d lost touch with God over these last few years because of all the earthquakes and disasters, and was struggling with that. I was able to share with him that God is not a God of fear but a God of Love, and had a good conversation with him. He finally bought the Desire of Ages and I prayed with him. We prayed and he just wouldn’t stop talking after that. I thought this could be a long night and a cold one. I’ll tell you this though – he looked and felt a lot better when I left, than when I came. So did I ☺

– James Anderson, JUMPSTART Literature Evangelist