Last weekend the ministers and bible workers met at Mt Hutt, where they were privileged to learn from Darius Jankiewicz, who is the Professor of Historical Theology and Chair, of the Department of Theology & Christian Philosophy at Andrews University.

Where he shared about Augustine and Pelagius and how the former emphasised by grace alone and the latter by works alone and their influence on the Catholic Church initially and then on the Protestant reformation. Then he introduced Jacob Arimus and the Wesleyian Connection and it provided us with with the middle ground between to two extremes of Calvin and Liberalism. Darius’ ability to take the complex and simplify it so we could understand and the influence that these astute gentlemen and the consequence on our theology today! Soli Deo Gloria may that be each of our focus.

And then on Tuesday morning, the cream. When discussing hermeneutics, he identified two ways of reading scripture, ‘Static’ and the ‘Dynamic’. He then challenged us as to where we stood. Pointing out that our stance is influenced by our, experience, culture, education, religion and norms. He guided us to see scripture from a dynamic perspective. Where God looks at the heart (1Sam.16:7) and asks are we true who we claim to be (Matt.7:1) because we are led by the Spirit (Gal.5:16).

– Pr Grant Burton Ministerial Secretary, South New Zealand Conference