Our Week of Prayer, in week 1 of this term, entitled, “Stand Tall”, revealed God’s faithfulness to His promise of providing when we ask in His name. In planning the Week of Prayer I asked for the Holy Spirit to bring 10 of our SASDA students to a point of deciding to pursue the journey of getting to know Christ more personally. The Lord provided 56 students of which 20 have requested baptism (after studies). God provided for this need by giving us the assistance of several Pastors and assistants in order to facilitate the studies for such a large group.

As we considered the resources and material required for this study we were advised that the printed material was most likely no longer in print and consequently would be unavailable for purchase. Last Friday, the ABC  advised us that they would enquire and inform us of the outcome. Upon following up on Monday, the ABC apologized that they had not yet made the enquiry, but added that even though there was not yet an enquiry made, a parcel arrived at the ABC on the weekend with exactly the material we needed – and yet no one had actually ordered it! AGAIN, God provided.

We are very excited about how God is moving through our school and how He continues to provide again and again – abundantly!

– Shane Harper – South Auckland SDA School Chaplain