Church camps are well known for time out to reconnect spiritually, have fun and to get to know people better outside of normal church activities. Garden City Fellowship church camp didn’t disappoint.

It was great to get away from everyday routines and stresses and be in new surroundings close to nature. In this relaxed environment, it was easy to concentrate on our relationship with God and the church family. You know people from church to varying degrees but hanging out with them for a weekend allows friendships to be developed and deepened.
It was great to see the unity displayed in ensuring the success of the camp with many people working together from the overall organisation to the food, games, spiritual talks, and adventure activities.

For our youngest hanging out with everyone, going for walks in the big forest and sleeping in a sleeping bag was so exciting. More importantly, it is building up warm and pleasant experiences with our very young which will help to ensure they grow strong in their love for God and to develop that support system around them in the form of the larger church family.

– Marie Flikac, Garden City Fellowship Seventh-day Adventist Church, Christchurch