G1 started off the year with a bang! Young people from all over Christchurch, and even some Dunedin youth, joined together in fellowship Friday, February 23.

G1 is a time when our youth, their friends from the community and those who don’t regularly attend church come together. Every time I spot new faces coming who have started to feel at home and they feel they belong. In a fast-changing culture, where God is, at most, the second option, the  Plan B, or the panic button in life, we reiterated this month that God First is the only option, there is no plan B, God is it, do not wait!

We had an electrifying worship service where God was the centre. We had “RAW” (testimony time) where three people shared how God worked in their lives when they put Him first. We had “Live & Direct TV” video clips from around the South Pacific Division. Pr Jonathas Custodio showed how putting God First in the morning makes the day amazing. A new feature in G1 is the ‘Spoken Word’. Pr David Leo from the Tasmanian Conference in Australia shared God as an artist who creates things in blank spaces in our lives. We had music items from the Kei family and Addington praise and worship team.

Our special guest was a young preacher, Jarrod Gali (age 14). He encouraged all to put God First and not to wait until they are older to follow Jesus. That making mistakes as a young person, while walking with Christ, is part of the process of developing a Christ-like character. An appeal was made for hearts to turn to Christ that night and the whole house took their stand for Jesus.

G1 is designed to empower our youth to become disciple makers. It is a place that is relevant to their current needs where they can be themselves as they grow into keeping it real, raw and true with Jesus. Christ is the centre of it all and is number ONE!

Join our monthly meetings. Always bring your Bible and a friend.
Next time we get together is on March 23, @7.30pm – Samoan Addington, Seventh-day Adventist Church, 61 Brougham Street, Christchurch.
– Pr Tulaga Aiolupotea, Samoan Addington, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Christchurch