Up, up and away we go,
into space for a galaxy show.

Rockets here and stars there,
seeing planets everywhere.

Pastor Stephen our galaxy guide,
with Beulah and children by his side.

Learning that God has plans,
and he holds the whole world in his hands.

What a wonderful week it has been at Week of Worship. Pastor Stephen helped us to learn more about how God has a plan for us all. We were reminded that even though there is sin in the world, God will help us through anything and he will always guide us through our lives if we follow his word in the bible. The children watched a series of videos where a star ship went up into space. This star ship had a captain and sometimes the captain did the wrong thing because he didn’t listen to others and didn’t ask for help. This was a great way to encourage the children to think about how God is our captain and how he will always guide us. It is hard to do things on our own and we need God to help us!!Each day kids were given a point to remember and respond to. The points were:

God is my creator PERFECT!!
God is dependable ALWAYS!!
God has a plan NO WORRIES!!
God is my rescuer HURRAY!!
God is our friend FOREVER!!

Throughout the week the school children shared songs and dances with us, Beulah told us stories from the bible, we watched videos about the star ship going in to space and Pastor Stephen did an experiment each day. Then on Friday we were lucky to have Chris from the Air force museum join us and tell us all about air force planes and how we can become air force pilots. We then had a shared morning tea of some special space snacks. It has been a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing what is in store for next year.
We pray that God will continue to guide us and keep us safe. AMEN!!

– Mrs Nina, Preschool Teacher, Footsteps, Christchurch

Samuel – one exited Tootsteps starling

Chris from the Air Force Museum – Christchurch – teaching all about a Pilot’s geer