Pr. Henry Joseph Tressler

When a stone is dropped into a lake, it quickly disappears from sight –
But its impact leaves behind a series of ripples that broaden and reach across the water.
In the same way, the impact of one life lived for Christ
leaves behind an influence for good that touches the lives of many others.

– Roy Lessin

These words capture to a certain degree the essence of a life that was Pr. Henry Tressler. Today we laid to rest a wonderful man of God,  so full of God’s Spirit and love at the Brentwood Seventh-day Adventist church.  Fondly known as Harry, his God and church were the center of his life.

Born in Invercargill in 1924, his career began as an accountant at NNZC based then in Mt Eden and ended as the Secretary Treasurer of the Central Pacific Union Mission (CPUM) in 1989. In between he served in various roles in Australia, the CPUM and as Secretary Treasurer for NNZC from 1971 – 1979.  Even in his retirement he served the NNZC as a volunteer carrying out church audits and as an accountant at the Auckland Seventh-day Adventist High School.

Pr Henry will be sorely missed by the Bethesda community where he spent the final years of his life with his wife Myrtle and everyone that knew him over his lifetime. We will continue to hold his family close in prayer and look forward to seeing him when Jesus comes again.