Come and experience a Triple Shot of worship for the first Youth Rally of 2018.  The Bay Of Plenty Trilogy features local youth hosting and leading a special worship experience that is designed to help you launch into 2018.

Guest Speaker: Fee Tamani – Team Leader for EPIC (Kids Ministry) at Papsda church

Friday 23 Feb. 7:30pm – Tauranga SDA church
25 Moffat Road, Bethlehem

Sat 24 Feb. 11:00am – Maranatha SDA church
113 Devon Street, Rotorua

Sat 24 Feb. 3:30pm – Rotorua SDA church
311 Fenton Street, Rotorua

Download posters & slides at

NNZC Youth Ministries currently holds four Youth Rally’s a year. They coincide with the four sports Discipleship Tournaments.

Lance Boulton – NNZC Child & Youth Pastor | Phone: 09 262 5620 |