When: 22-24 March 2019

Location: Putangirua Pinnacles, Cape Palliser, Wellington

Applications close: Monday 11 March 2019 (unable to negotiate on this). ALL payments must be made by the Monday, 11 March 2019, otherwise application may be cancelled.

Ages: 10-17

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The southern expedition will be at the iconic, Middle Earth Pinnacles. We have either cabins (limited space) with hot showers and flush toilets, or camping closer to nature. Our Rogaine will take us all around the Pinnacles, and even to a lesser known but more spectacular set of Pinnacles. After a Special Sabbath together the adventurer begins…

Rogaine Challenge

A Rogaine allows the competitive Pathfinders to set a significant challenge for themselves, while those more social Pathfinders can also participate at an appropriate adventure level while enjoying the outdoors.

Teams will be awarded either Participation (Expedition patch) or “B” grade (Patch with silver star) or “A” grade (patch with gold star) based on how many points they achieve during the Rogaine. Markers are valued based on distance, complexity or other factors.

Teams (4-8 Pathfinders plus an adult leader per team)

Large Pathfinder clubs attending are welcome to put in multiple teams! This gives you the chance to grade your teams to have competitive or advanced teams and more social or beginner teams. If you don’t have enough Pathfinders from your club attending or are a teen who does not belong to a club, you can join with another club, or contact Dale Hokin and he will look to put a couple of mixed teams together.


  • $20 Tenting.
  • $30 Cabins: with hot showers and flush toilets (cabin spaces are limited).

For more information please contact the North New Zealand Conference

Dale Hokin – Family & Children’s Pastor. Pathfinders & Adventurers Director
Email: DaleHokin@adventist.org.nz | Phone: 09 262 5620 | Website: www.adventist.org.nz
Facebook: AdventistFamilyMinistriesNZ | Facebook: AdventistTeensNNZ | Facebook: AdventistPathfindersNNZ

Valmarie Young – Administration Assistant for Healthy Adventist Churches / Membership Management
Email: ValmarieYoung@adventist.org.nz | Phone: 09 262 5620 | Website: www.adventist.org.nz