Having Confidence in your Faith – Solid Reasons to Believe

30 November 2019 | 3 pm

Speaker: Dr Steve Kumar

Where: East Auckland Seventh-day Adventist Church, 47 Ben Lomond Crescent, Pakuranga Heights, Auckland.

In today’s world it is easy to go with the flow and believe blindly without having solid reasons for what we believe and why we believe.  Then when we are faced with compelling arguments from non-believers and sceptics, our faith can become challenged and fragile?  Well, it’s time to change that, come and learn from an expert in defending the Christian Faith, Dr Steve Kumar.  Dr. Steve Kumar, an NZ Christian Lecturer, Author & Speaker has been defending the Faith for 30+ years, speaking at Uni’s Churches & Schools around the world (Including Fulton, Longburn & Avondale). He loves to show that “Faith must have good reasons”. Dr Steve mixes widely – debating Atheists & non-Christian religions and teaching students and Med School Drs… but is always keen to talk to young people to show them how to answer challenges to their Christian faith. We look forward to seeing you there.

Download Posters & Slides at adventist.org.nz/resources/nnzc-yr4-2019

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