Location: Dickeys Flat Adventure Camp – Dickey Flat Road, Waitawheta. (NOTE: this is NOT the DoC camp). dickeyflat.com

Cost per person

  • Early Bird $30 – runs until 13 January 2020.
  • Standard Fee $35 – 14 January to 24 February 2020.
  • Late Fee $50 – 25 February to 6 March 2020.

PLA Camp is for those actively working through the Pathfinder Leadership Award (PLA).

This is intended as the first step in equipping leaders to minister to their Pathfinders. Instead of theory in a classroom, we will experience and participate in learning, just like your Pathfinders need to.

Camping: please come equipped to base camp with all your own equipment (food, tents, sleeping mats and sleeping bags). You will also need gear for a half-day walk, wet weather gear, etc. There are flush toilets and hot/cold water for washing dishes.

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Download posters and slides for church at adventist.org.nz/resources/nnzc-pla1

Pathfinder Leadership Award (PLA)

PLA equips our Pathfinder leaders to serve, lead and minister to our young people through the Pathfinder ministry. There are 3 parts to the PLA training as outlined in your PLA record booklet.

  1. Personal spirituality and growth. This is outlined in your PLA record book and overseen by your District Director. This section takes a full year, so start now!
  2. Club based experience. Again outlined in your PLA record book are the requirements for the full year of active participation and teaching/leadership experience.
  3.  New Skills development. This is facilitated by the North NZ conference.

To complete the New Skills Development, each participant are required to actively participate in 2 training weekends, then complete an assessment back at your own club.

PLA 1 – 6-8 March 2020: Held at Dickies Flat Adventure camp, PLA 1 introduces PLA candidates to the material you will cover through activity-based experiential learning.

PLA 2 – 28-30 August 2020: Location TBC, PLA 2 develops the ideas encountered at PLA 1 further giving candidates a good working understanding.

Assessment: Candidates are assessed in their club, leading their Pathfinders at a camp. The assessment is a half-day activity-based learning activity that you plan and conduct. Lesson plans and risk assessments are considered, as are leadership skills, group management, camping and other relevant outdoor skills, etc. The assessment is to be planned in consultation with your District Director or the NNZC Pathfinder director to find a time that works for everyone.

For more information please contact the North New Zealand Conference.

  • Email: NNZConf@adventist.org.nz
  • Phone: 09 262 5620
  • Website: www.adventist.org.nz
  • Physical Address: 47 Ben Lomond Crescent, Pakuranga Heights, Auckland 2010
  • Postal Address: Private Bag 76900, Manukau, Auckland 2241