Pathfinder Team Challenge Weekend (Replacing Expedition for 2021)

The Pathfinder Team Challenge Weekend is all about working together, having fun, enjoying God’s nature, and most of all, encountering Jesus. It replaces Pathfinder Expedition for 2021 as it is easier to shift weekends should we encounter another lockdown, whereas an expedition would simply need to be cancelled. The weekend has three components.

  1. Rally – Sabbath afternoon (15th May) at East Auckland SDA church. 3:30pm – 5pm.
  2. Api Memorial Cup Marching Competition (2020) – Sabbath Evening (15th May) at East Auckland SDA church. 6:45pm – 8:30pm.
  3. Team Rogaine Challenge – Sunday (16th May) at Waiuku Forest. 9:15am – 2pm.

Who can attend? – All Pathfinders, both Junior and Senior. We would like to see whole clubs coming along for a great weekend together.


Please register individually. In addition to the obvious things like Club name, you will need,

  • Rogaine Team name (ie. You will Rogaine with 4-8 Pathfinders and an adult. Form a team, choose a name, then register).
  • Medical and contact information
  • Adults accompanying Pathfinders on the Rogaine will require Adsafe training and police vetting.


Unfortunately, we need to charge something to cover venues, hire of equipment, patches, and more. However, there is no cost for those more than 2 hrs from Auckland as it costs enough to attend already.

Cost (for those within 2 hrs of Auckland)

  • Early Bird (now – 6 April) – $10 per person
  • Standard (7 April – 3 May) – $15 per person
  • Late fee (4 May – 14th May) – $25 per person

Cost (for those further than 2hrs from Auckland)

  • Early Bird (now – 6 April) – free
  • Standard (7 April – 3 May) – free
  • Late fee (4 May – 14th May) – $25 per person

Register Now

Download posters at

Further Information

Rally – speaker Keli Pepa

A time of spiritual enriching as a wider Pathfinder family. Join us for a time of worship, encouragement and more. Full Dress Uniform please. (Note: this does not replace the Pathfinder Rally / Fair in October, it is purely to enrich this weekend).

Api Memorial Cup Marching Competition 2020

Due to Covid, we never held last year’s marching competition. This is for last year. This year’s competition will take place at the Rally / Fair in October. Points will be awarded for participation, including for your Friends. However, your Friends marching will not be marked as they do not have sufficient time to learn all that is needed. Please distinguish your friends with a coloured armband or similar for the adjudicator’s convenience. Full Dress Uniform please. (Note: Info will be sent to clubs directly about marking criteria).

Team Rogaine Challenge

Teams of 4-8 Pathfinders WITH AN ADULT LEADER will compete in a timed Rogaine challenge. Rogaining is much like orienteering, with the following difference.

  1. A map is given with markers but no route. You plan your own route.
  2. Teams are finished when the time is up, not when they have completed the course.
  3. The goal is not to finish the course fastest, but to amass the most points.

The reason for a Rogaine is simple, everyone can do it! You don’t have to be fit or skilled. One team might get 24 markers where another team might only get 8. It doesn’t matter, as long as each team has challenged themselves. This makes a single course perfect for a full range of skill and fitness levels, so where Expedition has in past years been for older Pathfinders, this is open to all. Jnr and Snr Pathfinder will have different points systems to grade Participation, Silver and Gold grades.


There are three potential scores for the Team Challenge Weekend.

  1. Participation
  2. Silver
  3. Gold

Points are awarded to each individual for,

  1. Rally – Attendance
  2. Api Memorial Cup Marching Competition – Score of club they march with
  3. Rogaine – Points are awarded for each marker the team finds within the time limit. Different markers will be worth different points, depending on their distance, complexity of navigation, and more. Points for a Jnr and Snr Pathfinder will be different for the same marker.

COVID Considerations

We are working hard to run our events safely especially when it comes to Covid-19. To help us do this we ask that you take note of the following:

  • Should you have any cold or flu-like symptoms please do not attend.
  • Conference staff reserve the right to ask any person with cold or flu-like symptoms to leave the event.
  • Please use recommended hygiene practices of hand-washing, sanitising items of high touch, maintaining physical distance (where possible) and using the NZ COVID Tracer app.
  • If NZ is not in Level 1, we will not be able to run the event. A full refund will be made to registered attendees.