One But Many

Regions: Manawatu, Whanganui, Horowhenua, Wairarapa.
Location: Queen Elizabeth College, Rangitikei Street, Palmerston North, 4410

9:00am Sabbath School (Adults, Teens, & Children)
11:00am Main Worship Service
12:30pm BYO Lunch
1:30pm Afternoon Service

The Body of Christ is diverse, varied, and colourful wherever if finds it expression. It’s easy to allow this diversity to result in disunity, and differences to result in disharmony. However, at its best, the Body of Christ celebrates diversity, allows for differences in practice, and strives for true unity. This unity isn’t uniformity; even though we aren’t all the same, we recognise we are striving towards the same prize: Jesus. At its best, the Body of Christ forgets all else except the pursuit of Jesus, his will, and his Kingdom come. In humility, we cast down all idols, and reject anything that hinders us from experiencing true community and true unity. As we minister to a dying world, we keep our eyes on the prize, never forgetting who we are and who He is. Thus, we are one, but many.

Guest Sepaker: Gilbert Cancy. Gilbert was born of missionary parents the the Seychelles Islands. He grew up in Mauritius with his six brothers and sisters. He gave his heart to Jesus in December 1975 and followed his childhood sweetheart Rosemay to Australia in 1981, where they were married. They have two children: Joel and Emilie. Gilbert has served in local church ministry, and as Director for Youth Ministries for the South Pacific Division. as well as the General Conference, until 2017, when he returend to his home in Australia to serve as Pastoral Services Manager for Sanitarium. In this role, he oversees the chaplaincy team in Australia and New Zealand, as well as well as the spiritual wellbeing of
its over 1. 700 employees.

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