10,000 Toes Campaign to Help “Stomp” out Type 2 Diabetes

The theme for Adventist Health Week this year is one that is very close to many of us. We are focussing on Type 2 Diabetes and how we can help stop it in its tracks across the South Pacific.

The prevalence of this disease in our Pacific Islands has increased over the last couple decades and is now reaching epidemic proportions.

We need your help to support our churches and clinics in the islands but providing assessment tools, education for the public, and clinical support for our health professionals and clinics.

Please view our promotional video, show it at your church or school. Get behind this campaign.

Our resources are to be used in any way you want, we have a children’s challenge (which Adults can use too), a song and certificates for anyone completing the health week challenge. Be creative in how you fulfil the challenges, we have given you a guide to use only.

View the videos by Dr Chester Kuma, you can use them as they are, or glean pertinent information to use for your presentations.

Resources: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b1iykatp5vqlxj0/AACW3kv7eEdbUkyKZTu6E1CSa?dl=0

Health Offering Promo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jix98wbks8mr5m9/Health%20Week%20Offering%20Promo%20v2.mp4?dl=0

Many thanks and my God bless you as you prepare for Adventist Health Week 2018.

For more information please contact:

Adrielle CarrascoDirector of Adventist Health Ministries

Email: AdrielleCarrasco@adventist.org.nz | Phone: 09 250 2746 | Mobile: 021 027 31130 | Website: nzpuc.adventist.org.nz | Facebook: www.facebook.com/nzpuchealth