Welcome to the Women’s Ministries page!  Let’s face it – women have always been at the forefront of ministry and mission – so why a department of the church for women?  Women’s Ministries encourages women to further their potential, their participation and their vision in the mission of reaching out to Christ and to others.  It also encourages women to intentionally mentor young women towards real beauty in Christ.

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Women’s Ministries Special Sabbaths

International Women’s Day of Prayer (March)
Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day (June)
EndItNow Emphasis Day (August)

Women’s Ministry Resources

Our Church has developed many great resources for Women’s Ministry. The best place to get these resources is directly from theWomen’s Ministry Department that has produced them. Please use the following links to find some great ideas and resources:

North Island – Women’s Ministry Coordinator


Lynelle Laws

Partners in Ministry Coordinator / Women’s Ministry Coordinator

Website: www.facebook.com

Lynelle coordinates the Women in the North NZ Conference of SDA’s and is also responsible for nurturing the Pastoral Spouses in the same. She has training and experience in teaching from Pre School aged children, through to Tertiary level. Her passion is to meet people where they are, sharing an authentic Christianity, that allows Jesus to shine on a practical level.

South Island – Women’s Ministry Coordinator