Written by Ed Gallagher. 2012

What this is

  • A 27-page, full-colour, printed Bible study guide on how God empowers people for Christian service.
  • Written by Ed Gallagher, published by NNZC.
  • A workbook designed for either group or individual study.
  • Keywords: prayer, Holy Spirit, witnessing, spiritual gifts, outreach, ministry
  • See a five-and-a-half-minute video of the author describing the value of this resource (see below)

Why you might want it

  • You may be a disciple and you might feel called to minister. But how? What about your uncertainty, weakness and inability?
  • This spiral-bound publication shows how God gives us tailor-made ability through a mysterious process called Spirit Gifting.
  • You will find a non-traditional and unexpected approach to this critical subject.
  • Whether God wants you in a quiet, supportive ministry role or an out-front role of some kind, you will see better how Heaven can use you in a unique calling here on Earth.

How to get it

  • Website: If you wish, you may download a PDF file of this workbook. Low resolution, 2mb. Please observe copyright in regard to the work itself and the illustrations (illustrations are all copyrighted by 3rd parties). The PDF may be used non-commercially in small groups. Note that if you are planning to print this out, it could well be less expensive to purchase the printed version, and the quality of the print will be much better, since the PDF is low resolution.