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Our whānau, however they may look, have a purpose – to help each other to be strong and effective members of the Whānau of God. In a less than perfect world, our families should bring hope of life and a better future through Jesus Christ. As we journey together, our whānau should grow faith as they support each other to know and trust in Jesus. As our world becomes increasingly isolated, our families should live love that supports, enriches and nourishes each other. Whānau and Children’s ministries are all about helping our immediate family, extended family and our spiritual / church family to be all God created them to be. Everything has a single purpose; to be together with Jesus and each other for eternity in a world made new.

Family Ministry Resources

Faith Shaper Discipleship Faith shaper is a fantastic all-of-church discipleship framework. It describes 7 key areas that we all need to grow our faith, whether we are kids or adults. Click on this link to read more of how you can create stronger faith in your church, family or marriage.

Designer Marriage (North Island only): Designer marriage is all about the way God has designed and tailored marriage to fit you and your spouse specifically and beautifully. God intended marriage for so many reasons. Godly marriages give us support and nurture (Gen 2:18), teaches us of God’s love and commitment to us (Eph 5:22-33), and builds Godly children (Mal 2:15). But God guides each and every couple in exactly how this is applied to them, working in their marriage to produce something of profound beauty and delight.

Dale and Anneli would love to join you on a journey to deeper understand how God designed marriage, and share how He made all the difference to their marriage so far. Contact us now to arrange a Designer Marriage Enrichment Seminar in your church.

Adventist Resources

Our Church has developed many great resources for Family Ministry. The best place to get these resources is directly from the Family Ministry Department that has produced them. Please use the following links to find some great ideas and resources:

Other Excellent Resources

Toucan – Strengthening Toucan is interactive new app for busy couples, developed by Christians. It’s free, and it can help you and your spouse to enrich your relationship. One person signs up and then invites the other to join in. Each of you can watch videos and complete questionnaires on your own device, and then you can meet up and share what you have learned. Click on the link to find out more about the app and how you can sign up. The current topic is Couple Communication, but more topics will be added shortly.

Toolbox Parenting The Parenting Toolbox is the New Zealand standard for Parenting Skills, developed by Christians. Toolbox Parenting courses are bursting with practical strategies, ideas and insights to inspire and equip you on your parenting journey – wherever you’re up to (Baby and Toddler Years, Primary Years, Intermediate Years, or Teen Years). Toolbox courses are held over six weeks in a relaxed and conversational small group setting with a trained facilitator. Click on the link to find out more about Parenting Tool Box courses.

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