Church Planting Network

… where Church Planting is made simple … “Where ever Jesus Christ is believed and recieved the Church is planted.”

How does Church Planting Happen?
Church planting is the fruit of relationally discipling people after the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

What is the Purpose of Church Planting in our Conference?
To plant a multiplicity of discipling churches from (Healthy Adventist Churches) that actualizes the kingdom reign of Jesus Christ in and around New Zealand.

Church Planting Traffic Light

Red Zone Represents no SDA presence in a geographical or culture specific area
Orange Zone Represents an SDA presence intending to plant a new church in a specific Red Zone
Green Zone
Represents a new SDA church plant actualized by a fish caught in a Red Zone within the last 1 to 24 months. That fish would consist of 8 to 12 people that are actively and lovingly discipling people to fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ.

How to Start?


To advance from the “Church Planting Traffic Light” there are four suggested responses to help change a Red Zone and Orange Zone into a Green Zone.

  1. Pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit to use you and those around you to relationally change a Red and Orange Zones around you into Green Zones.
  2. On a conceptual level, as you read further along, you will be introduced to a few critical questions that are pertinent in their implications. This process enables you to start reflecting critically and concretely in terms of the possibilities for church planting.
  3. On a conversational level you are encouraged to widen the conversation, by dialoging with others about your insights, while also gleaning new meaning from their perspectives on the “Church Planting Traffic Light.” Also, feel free to dialogue with the Healthy Adventist Pastors in your area about some of your reflections – – but above all, pray.
  4.  On a diagnostic level, there is an opportunity here to further reflect, to help you identify some assumed blockages to the goals of this Church Planting Network.
  5. On a practical level, at the end of this article, is an extended missional invitation for you to participate at the grass root level. This is exciting because you get to play a significant part seeing a church plant emerge from either an Orange Zone or a Red Zone. As a direct result of your intentional and missional involvement today, you can make that difference. It will become part of your spiritual legacy.


Conceptual Participation:

The following questions introduce you to conceptually participate in seeing the possibilities of church planting from where you sit at your Church Planting Traffic Light. Take a pen and paper and write down some of your responses:

  1. How do I/we relationally change one of these Red Zones into a Green Zone?
  2. What will it relationally cost to change one of these Red Zones into a Green Zone?
  3. What is God currently doing relationally and culturally in one of these Red Zones?
  4. How is God calling me/us to relationally participate in reaching one of these Red Zones?
  5. How long will I/our church ignore these Red Zones or stay in an Orange Zone?
  6. What can I/we do relationally to move our church out of the Orange Zone into the Green Zone?
  7. What do I/we do relationally with these questions and who do I/we talk to about some of my responses? Read On …


Having seen where you, your team or leadership might be at the “Church Planting Traffic Light” and having read the last several questions, you might be in one or more places in your reflection. You may be either more contemplative, with more questions, or surprisingly, keenly interested to get involved at some level to do something about your Orange Zone or the Red Zone.

Wherever you may be, with your reflections, questions, insights and convictions, our team of Healthy Adventist Church Pastors welcomes you to the church planting dialogue. We believe God is working in and through you and others, to uncover untapped resources in our Conference that will transform a Red or Orange Zone into a Green Zone. Please join us in taking the time to pray about these Red and Orange Zones, and let’s talk about the missional opportunities that God wants to achieve in our sphere of influence.


Diagnostic Participation:

Are you still contemplating and reading? Awesome! The following five suggestions are diagnostically designed to help you identify five assumed blockages in the heart of the church. The five assumed blockages are not definitive or exhaustive but helpful, encouraging us to reflect Biblically as we seek God’s will and way in turning a Red or Orange Zone in your context, into a Green Zone.

5 Assumed Blockages

  1. A lack of receptivity to making discipleship a missional priority in the Red Zone
  2. A lack of spiritual gifts missionally activated in the Red Zone
  3. A lack of cultural adaptability in the discipleship process for the Red Zone
  4. A lack of producability of discipleship in the Red Zone
  5. A lack of multiplicity in church planting due to cultural structures and policies that are irrelevant to the Red Zone


How to Change a Red Zone and Move from Orange Zone to a Green Zone

Church planting is part and parcel of the Healthy Adventist Churches focus. One of the significant signs of a Healthy Adventist Church is the planting of new churches. This is achieved by a host of approaches: like an existing church, parenting a new church plant; or by a specific people group pioneering a new church plant; or churches partnering with each other to plant a church in a Red Zone. To assist you conceptually from your place of reflection to a place of personal participation, here are some implications you might like to consider:

  • If you, your team or church senses God’s heart to disciple people in a Red Zone with the gospel of Jesus Christ – – let’s pray, talk and plant
  • If you, your team or church have an apostolic, evangelistic, leadership gift mix for missional service for a Red Zone – – let’s pray, talk and plant
  • If you, your team or church are willing to make cultural and financial adjustments to disciple people in a Red Zone- – let’s pray, talk and plant
  • If you, your team or church have a clear vision and sustainable fruits of discipleship in a Red Zone – – let’s pray, talk and plant
  • If you, your team or church have a new missional structure to realize exponential discipleship for a Red Zone – – let’s pray, talk and plant
  • If you, your team or church have the heart of Barnabas and want to donate by means of land, money and time to this church planting initiative – – let’s pray, talk and plant
  • If you, your team or church are already in a church plant but need some assistance, resourcing and networking – – let’s pray, talk and plant

Where is God Moving you Missionally?

Into a Red Zone Where there is no SDA Presence
Out of an Orange Zone Where an SDA presence is intentional on planting another church
Into a Green Zone You are in a Red Zone with 8-12 people discipling them into the mission of Christ

Serving Christ through groups

What this is

  • A 12-page, full-colour, printed guide about establishing small groups for ministry and church growth.
  • Written by Ed Gallagher.
  • Suitable for group or individual study.
  • Keywords: small groups, witnessing, spiritual gifts, outreach, ministry

How to get it

“Hands up, apostles!”

  • A 6-page, full-colour article that answers the questions, “What is an apostle? Is apostleship something for our own time? Could it ever apply to me? What about full-time pastors—could they be apostles?”
  • Describes the Bible basis, and gives practical recommendations applying in everyday life.
  • Written by Ed Gallagher, published by NNZC.
  • We recommend this article for all church members, for pastors, and for people who have recently come to know Christ.
  • To download the article, click here.
  • To request a professionally printed copy (or copies) by mail, contact Valmarie Young, (Printed copies available sometime in March 2013.)


North Island – Healthy Adventist Communities Team


Paul Siope

Healthy Adventist Churches Senior Pastor / Calvary Community Church Pastor


Paul has served as a church pastor, church planter and key note speaker in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific, and the USA.  He is the senior pastor for Healthy Adventist Communities.  He believes “the gospel is at its best when we are most at risk” and that “being comfortable being uncomfortable is the Kingdom norm for every disciple maker of Jesus Christ” — so that Gods love and peace can be concretely extended and experienced over every form of injustice and oppression.


Doug McLeod

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Northland / North Harbour Church Pastor


Born in Zambia and lived in Zimbabwe where he served in the military as a communications specialist in the bush war.  Moved to South Africa where he studied and worked as an electrician, then studied and worked as a pastor in the Cape Town, and then Durban areas.   Moved to New Zealand in 1997 where he has served as senior pastor in the Manawatu, and the Auckland region since 2001.  He holds a PG Diploma in Business Administration and a Masters in Management in New Zealand, with a focus on change management.

Married to Angie, has two adult children and 3 grandchildren.  Pr Dougie is an avid distance runner having passed the 100 mark in competitive marathons and ultra- marathons.  Recently ran the Boston Marathon.  His passion is Jesus.  He believes the local church is the hope of the world and yearns to see the realization of the Kingdom of God in his church and community.


Paora Teaukura

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Auckland / Auckland Cook Islands, Mangere, HaveLife & Light House Church Pastor


Born in the beautiful Island of Aitutaki, in the Cook Islands, Pr Tek as we love to call him, served in Tokoroa in the early Seventies before joining Fulton college to study for full time ministry.

During his years in the ministry, he has served as Minister, Ministerial Secretary in the Local Mission and as Youth Director, both at Mission and Union levels of the church. He began his service in North New Zealand in 2002 and continues to serve the Conference in his capacity of Pastor, and Regional Pastor.

His three lovely children, five beautiful grandchildren and an adorable granddaughter bring joy to his life.


Etonia Temo

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Auckland / Otahuhu, Auckland Fijian & Auckland Indian Church Pastor


Pr Temo, is an evangelist at heart and is passionate about making disciples for Jesus. He served in many roles in the Trans Pacific Union Mission, Greater Sydney Conference and has been working as a Pastor in the North New Zealand Conference since 2006.  He is married to his beautiful wife Laveti and together they share 3 children.  One of their favorite things to do as a family is to sing for the Lord.


Ben Martin

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Central / Hamilton Church Pastor


Since graduating from Avondale college in 2006, Ben has been serving in the North New Zealand Conference, most recently at the Hamilton Seventh-day Adventist Church. Ben’s passion is to see the local church be a place where people feel welcomed and accepted – and where they can have a real and powerful encounter with God. Ben’s passion as a local church pastor is preaching and teaching from the Bible, and he loves to help others find that passion and joy for the word themselves. Born in Sydney, yet is half Kiwi (father from Christchurch) resides in Cambridge with his wife and two sons. He enjoys in his spare time traveling, technology, photography, and motor racing.


Anton van Wyk

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - South / Palmerston North Church Pastor


Born South-Africa. Studied and worked as a Pastor in and around Cape Town. Conscripted into the Military for two years. Arrived in NZ in 1997. Married to Sandy (music teacher). 3 sons: 1. IT in Melbourne. 2. Professional Musician in Wellington 3. Works with Enliven Care in Palmerston North. One grandchild (3 years old).

Works as Senior Pastor and Regional Pastor out of Palmerston North, NZ (that is where Longburn Adventist College is. We have a Primary and a Preschool here also).

Hobbies: Motorbike riding, nature walks / outings.

Passion: To treat people as individuals and not as cases in order to return them to passion, uniqueness, wonder and discipleship destiny.


Limoni Manu

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - South / Ministry Development Pastor / Palmerston North Church Associate Pastor / Wanganui & Hawera Church Pastor


Born in Tonga. Raised in the mission fields of the South Pacific. Studied in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and the Philippines. Worked as a Pastor and Chaplain in Fiji (1990-1995). Lecturer of Theology at Fulton College, Fiji (1996-1999) and Pacific Adventist University, PNG (2000-2007). Migrated to NZ in Dec. of 2007. Joined the workforce of the NNZC in 2010. Married to Sulueti L Manu from Fiji. Have 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren: 1 granddaughter and 3 grandsons. Loves teaching the Word of God. Lives in Palmerston North and serves in Manawatu.


Jake Ormsby

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Wellington / Porirua & Porirua Cook Islands Church Pastor / Wellington School Chaplain


Jake Ormsby has served in the NNZ Conference for more than 30 years as a Primary school teacher/Principal, Pastor and School Chaplain. He is currently pastoring Porirua and Porirua Cook Island Churches, Chaplain for Wellington School and is also Regional Pastor for Wellington. He met and married his wife Evelyn while planting the Wellington school where she now serves as a teacher. They have two children and two grandchildren. Raised on the love of a very close family and the fruit of oceans, rivers, lakes and bush-land of the Bay of Plenty and Manawatu, he has a love for people, a passion for the outdoors and exploring ancient historical sites, enjoying Evelyn’s delicious quiches and salads and spending precious time with whanau.