On Sunday, November 11, at Bishopdale Adventist Church, Ministers and workers together with their families gathered from around the South Island to share a meal and fellowship. Whilst there was a festive atmosphere, it was an evening charged with emotions as heartfelt words of acknowledgement and prayers were said over those who will be leaving the SNZC team.

Below are some pictures for you from the event.

Picture 1: Paul and Shirley Divine being prayed for as Paul retires at the end of this year as SNZC’s General Secretary.

Picture 2: Pr Paul Kleinmeulman shared about the delight that it was for him and his family to come to South New Zealand straight after finishing at Avondale and about the great blessing that these past 8 years here have been. Pr Paul has accepted a call to Victoria Conference.

Picture 3: Pr Jonathon Gillard has also answered the call to serve in the Victoria Conference and he will be commencing after his wedding celebrations there. Pr Jonathon has just finished his two-year internship in Invercargill both as Intern Pastor and School Chaplain.

Picture 4: Riana Voigt, CAS School Chaplain is also leaving our team after having served for over a year and a half here in Christchurch and making a great impact on our students.