Sabbath is a day of celebration and praise! The 7th of September was no different with Wellington regional Sabbath was celebrated in Lane Park Church in Upper Hutt. The day began with a special Sabbath School celebration taken by Wellington Adventist School. The theme “Chosen” was woven through song as well as our next generation preachers: Xinia, Hedessa, Nettalia, Christina. Wendy and Geordina. The congregation was blessed with inspirational and creative messages shared by these young people, on what it means to be chosen.

In addition to opening divine worship, North New Zealand Conference Lead pastor, Ben Timothy, introduced the newest additions to ministry in the region: Pr Erickson Fabian and his wife Jacqueline.

Various regional churches led the congregation through praise and worship with special items, and Pr Fabian, the speaker of the morning, challenged the congregation to “Dare to Share God” in their communities. “We as a church cannot live on past experiences” Pr Fabian reminded the congregation. “We need to spend time with God in the present time and although we might not know the entire bible, we know Jesus”, Pr Fabian continues, “we can dare to share, because we know Jesus, and He is who we share”. The congregation was reminded that it is not “what we believe, but Who we believe in, that will make a difference.”

The afternoon was set aside for practical ministry. All those involved were grateful for the dry weather as they went door to door in Upper Hutt, sharing 300 food parcels (including Sanitarium creal items) and Hope TV flyers. “For the members, we saw that any uncertainty of what to expect was quickly replaced by joy and excitement to be part of sharing food parcels, “shared Pr. Joe Tesese, Wellington Regional Pastor. Hutt Valley Samoan church members expressed a pride to be Seventh-day Adventist as they shared food with the community meeting so many happy individuals that expressed gratitude for an unexpected gift. “There is so much food in the bag… Thank you so much” Was one response among many.

“It was great not to be rejected at the door” commented one church member, who experienced the joy of daring to share.

– Pr. Kirsten Øster Lundqvist NNZC Communications and Media Officer