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Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists

6 July 2020

Who are the Seventh-day Adventists? Who took the Adventist message around the world? Find reliable answers to these and other questions at your fingertips with the new Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists Online!

You can find the encyclopedia at


The Conference Office and ABC under initial phase of Alert Level 1

6 July 2020

The Conference Office

Hours Open (by appointment): Mon- Thurs 10am-4pm; Friday 10am-12.30pm.
The Conference Office is currently open by appointment only. To make an appointment with a staff member please either phone (09) 262 5620 or email [email protected]

Adventist Book Centre

The ABC is open for limited hours on weekdays.
Hours Open: Mon- Thurs 10am-4pm; Friday 10am-12.30pm.
Sunday open from 10am-12.30pm. | Free Phone: 0800 50 22 22


LAC Open Day

29 June 2020

You are invited to attend the OPEN DAY at Longburn Adventist College on the 29th of July. There will be tours operating throughout the day.
Book your spot online at – We look forward to seeing you there!


NNZC Conference Calendar (UPDATE 4 June 2020)

North New Zealand Conference

We have had many changes to our events with many being cancelled or postponed. As the COVID-19 gathering sizes increase some of our events have opened up. For the latest digital copy of the 2020 calendar see below to download.

There will likely be more changes so keep an eye out for calendar updates in the PLUGIN or refer to our website for the latest information

We also have blank editable 2020, 2021 and 2022 year planner calendars that you are welcome to download and use for your church’s event/meeting planning.



Our Future in His Hands

5 June 2020

This is a free 40-week online course that will enable you to delve into prophecy for yourself.

An in-depth study of the Book of Revelation from the perspective of its structure and the relationship of its various parts to each other, this course will equip you with the tools to understand the text of Revelation. Each topic in this series is designed to lay foundations for the topics that follow. Through the series the meaning of Revelation will be progressively revealed.

To gain the maximum benefit from these studies, each participant will need to set aside some time during the week to reinforce the weekly study by spending time in the Word. Those who are faithful in doing this will finish the course with a deep understanding of the text itself, which will give confidence in explaining the messages of Revelation with others.

The course will begin on the 4th July 2020.



The course videos will be posted at 3pm each Sabbath afternoon on the following platforms. If you are not able to watch the videos play live at that time, you will still be able to watch them at any time after they are posted. 


It is preferable for you to engage with the videos on Facebook, as you will be able to participate in the discussion fully. All of the videos will be posted to this group –


The videos will also be shown and stored on YouTube – you can watch them here

Please note that the videos will be set to public on both Facebook and YouTube, so you will be able to share them with your family and friends. The link with the course materials below will be posted with each video, so that anyone picking up the course from having a video shared with them will be able to download the course materials and start the course from the beginning if they wish.


Not Ashamed

4 June 2020

2 Timothy 2:15 (ESV) – Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.

The upcoming Not Ashamed Discipleship Equipping Panel is a tool to equip modern-day disciples how to more meaningfully engage with the Word for themselves and how to become more effective disciple makers. This weekly 45 minute online series uses the Discovery Bible Reading method to help viewers get more into the Word and get more out of the Word. It features different teams of pastors and church members each week from all across NZ looking at 1-2 Bible passages to gain personal insights and application from the Word.

Grab your Bible and join us for the last session, hosted by Sarah-Jane Riley, on the Adventists South New Zealand and North New Zealand Facebook pages at 10am this Sabbath, 4th July.


Not Ashamed | jpg



Children’s Sabbath

6 July 2020

Download the 2020 Children’s Sabbath recourse from the North American Division for 25 July.


Lesson Resources: Making Friends for God

Making Friends for God: The Joy of Sharing in His Mission

Adult Sabbath School Lesson | 3rd Quarter 2020 (July, August, September)


Dealing Hope

4 June 2020

If you missed an episode of Hope Dealer, with Pr Eddie Tupa’i, you can watch them at the following links.

Facebook: AdventistsNewZealandPacific
Dealing Hope 2:
Dealing Hope 1:

Sabbath Morning Prayer
Join Pr Eddie Tupa’i for 15 minutes of prayer for the NZPUC every Sabbath morning at NZT 6:45 am on the NZPUC Facebook page.


Churches PowerPoint/Keynote Slides

For those churches who are looking for content for your PowerPoint or Keynote slides remember to check out our website for any new material. We have slides for events, eGiving, Sabbath School, Hope Channel and some special days and offerings.



Going Places – June Edition

4 June 2020

The June edition of Adventist Women’s Newsletter “Going Places” is available to download. It has some excellent up to date content on both the effect and the response on and of our churches and members, during Covid-19. Download a copy from



3 June 2020

If you watched this program with the rest of the South Pacific Divison and want to see it again or if you missed out, you can find the links to the Friday night and Sabbath programs below.



Updated Response to Covid-19 & Alert Level 1

9 June 2020


Tuesday, June 9, 2020

“Dear friends, we pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, just as it is well with your soul.” 3 John 2

In consultation with Conference leaders, the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference administration would like to update you on the steps we are taking with the recent easing of restrictions announced by the New Zealand Government and clarification around what Alert Level 1 entails.

  1. As of 12.00am, June 9, 2020, the NZ Government announced the country will move to Alert Level 1. At this alert level, there are no limits placed on the size of gatherings nor on physical distancing which means all church buildings can safely reopen for church services and meetings.
  2. All church members and personnel are encouraged to observe basic hygiene that includes washing hands regularly and coughing and sneezing into your elbow. Please seek immediate medical assistance if you have flu-like symptoms and remain at home.
  3. The Government recommends that everyone keep track of where they have been and Churches should continue to display the NZ Covid Tracer QR code posters.
  4. With church services returning to normal and offering collections recommencing, we encourage church members to continue to use eGiving and direct deposits to return their tithes and offerings.
  5. With church buildings reopening, we strongly encourage church leaders to consider how to incorporate the many innovative initiatives members used to meet and worship together during lockdown into ongoing church life.

Thank you for what you are doing to further His cause and we appreciate how you have adapted and innovated during the recent few months.

Kind regards

President New Zealand Pacific Union Conference – Eddie Tupa’i
Secretary Treasurer New Zealand Pacific Union Conference – Graeme Drinkall
President North New Zealand Conference – Ben Timothy
President South New Zealand Conference – Mike Sikuri


More information about opening your church

27 May 2020

Additional Requests and Considerations

  • All churches are welcome to re-open their church buildings from 12pm this Friday May 29th and resume activity on-site in keeping with Ministry of Health requirements. While this is welcomed and encouraged, some churches may choose to delay re-opening their buildings slightly longer, if this is helpful to their on-site resumption.
  • Your minister will need to inform us if you intend opening your church buildings for this Sabbath May 30th.  If you do not intend doing so for this Sabbath, your minister will need to inform us of when you intend doing so by emailing Adeline Teina [email protected] .
  • Your minister will need to email Adeline Teina [email protected] and assure us that you are following all the COVID-19 related Ministry of Health requirements.
  • Information on how to conduct your own church event risk assessment can be found at
  • Be sure to conduct a deep clean of church premises prior to their re-opening, especially of common touch points, such as door handles and the like.
  • The placement of appropriate signage at all entry and exit points regarding COVID-19 expectations will be required. Examples can be found at .
  • The strategic placement of hand wash stations with signage and pump action hand wash or sanitiser along with disposable paper towel and bins is needful.
  • Please have systems in place to ensure that there are no more than 100 people on-site at any one time.
  • Perhaps consider introducing a ‘one-way’ system where people enter and exit through different doors, if possible.
  • When people sing, they spread more droplets.  For this reason, consider whether to temporarily suspend congregational singing (recommended) or to simply spread people/households further apart than the standard 1-2m physical distancing requirement.  For this reason, microphones should not be shared and should be carefully cleaned after each service or event.  Likewise, careful thought ought be given as to whether to use high-powered air conditioning/heat pump units.
  • If conducting multiple on-site services or events to cater for churches that would normally have in excess of 100 in attendance, please bear in mind that you will need to clean the premises between each service or event to avoid cross-contamination between groups of 100.
  • While not a requirement, it is encouraged that gatherings be for no longer than 2 hours (
  • Churches are encouraged to make their services and events available online to ensure that no-one is needlessly excluded from faith community gatherings due to group size limits.
  • If churches wish to place a QR code at the entrance to their premises for those wishing to electronically trace their own movements, then information on how to do so can be found at However, this does not remove from churches the responsibility to keep their own physical register of those who have attended their service or event.  Please register each attendee’s name, one reliable contact detail for them and the time they entered and exited the service or event.  This register may only be kept for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes for 2 months and must then be destroyed.
  • Please remove church provided hymn books and pew bibles on a temporary basis, as they may spread the virus.  Attendees should bring their own personal bible or read off a screen.
  • We are asking that churches refrain from shared potluck meals, foot-washing and communion services for now.  A carefully managed meal where people only consume the food they themselves have prepared is allowable.  If your church runs a soup kitchen or meals service to the community, please follow the Ministry of Health requirements around the provision of a food service (  following the ‘Three S’ approach outlined) and advise us of the transmission prevention measures you are taking in doing so.
  • Please communicate with church attendees prior to re-opening and inform them of the safety measures you have put in place.
  • The above points are not meant to be exhaustive of the measures a local church may take to combat the potential spread of COVID-19. Each congregation needs to account for their own unique on-site circumstances making these and additional arrangements suitable to their situation.  All such arrangements need to be in keeping with NZ Ministry of Health requirements.

For further helpful information on anything referred to the above or other important COVID-19 related matters, please visit .

May God continually bless our efforts to share the hope we have in Jesus during this time of COVID-19.

Pr Hugh Heenan – General Secretary, NNZC


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