Aranui Samoan Seventh-day Adventist Church held a Children’s Sabbath on the 21st of April. On this day children invited their school friends, neighborhood friends and children from their extended families, to come and spend the Sabbath with them. It was lovely to see the church family mingle with their visitor parents too.

The kids shared the Gospel through music, singing, and a dramatization of three Bible characters: Moses, Joseph and Samuel. A special emphasis was put on the shared values and the love for God and friends of the Aranui children and these three bible heroes.

Children’s ministry leader, Fau Fonoti, reports that 40 church kids invited 37 kids from their circle of friends. These kids came with their parents who do not attend church or had not been to church for a while. This child-led Sabbath proved to be a great way to bring together families and seeing the Aranui children share their passion for Jesus was a great blessing as well.

The day ended with a celebratory food feast of great selections for all to enjoy. Pre-prepared gift parcels and tokens of appreciations were handed out to visiting children and parents.

Please pray for the Aranui Samoan Children’s ministry as they continue to evangelise to their friends and parents and that the Aranui kids will continue to grow to be the church today just as God has called them to be!

– Vineta Aiolupotea, Aranui Seventh-day Adventist Church, Christchurch

P.S. Vineta serves alongside her husband Pastor Tulaga Aiolupotea in the Samoan Addington Church and Samoan Aranui Church.