South Island – Administration Staff


Mike Sikuri



Michael Jones

Secretary Treasurer

Pr Grant Burton

Grant Burton

Ministerial Secretary

Prior to entering Ministry I was a dairy farmer and involved in the local church. I am married to a very special lady, Rosalie, and have two awesome children Geena and Caleb, in whom I am especially proud. It was the local church who encouraged my spiritual growth which eventuated with me attending Avondale to study Ministry.  An experience that affirmed that this was where God wanted me to be. So the local church has always been very special to me, each church I have served in has been a place of God’s holy people. It is as Paul affirms in Eph.4:12 the place where we are to be equipped for ministry. After six years ministering in north New South Wales, ten in the North New Zealand Conference and since 2010 here in the South New Zealand Conference, that view has not diminished, and in fact it has been affirmed in the present climate of ‘discipleship’. Now it is my privilege to work with the ministers as Ministerial Secretary while still ministering in the local church. For the local church is where the rubber meets the road and where the Holy Spirit is working among His people. I’m excited about what He is about to do in our conference.


Sarah-Jane Riley

Youth Director

Sarah-Jane Riley is the Youth Director of the South New Zealand Conference and associate pastor at Bishopdale Seventh-day Adventist Church in Christchurch.  Originally from North NZ, she trained in social work and then went on to work in youth work, adventure therapy, youth health, health promotion, and violence prevention.  In 2009 she accepted a call to come and work in a full time ministry role in South NZ as a local church youth worker.  She then went to Avondale College in 2014 and completed post graduate studies in ministry and theology, and returned to the South NZ Conference at the beginning of 2016 to serve.

Sarah-Jane believes that it is a movement of disciples that will advance the gospel, with a culture that is loving, inclusive and intentional.  She believes that young people have significant influence in this movement as they are fully engaged in all aspects of what it means to be church in the communities and world in which we live.


Edwina Davis

Discipleship Ministries / Departmental Assistant

Phone: 03 365 1020

I have been employed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church for all my working life, working in various areas including mission service in Papua New Guinea.  At present I am working as Departmental Assistant in South New Zealand Conference, I love the variety of work it entails, from week to week I’m doing something different ie camping in my tent with Pathfinders, visiting Adventurer clubs, attending sport tournaments, catering to our youth, and sitting behind my desk answering phone calls and writing emails.

My passion is to create positive memories in a child’s life and to share God’s love with each child.  When off duty I love spending time with my family, and being in my garden.


Rosalie Burton

Administrative Secretary / Membership Management

My role as administrative secretary is diverse, interesting and every day is different.  I enjoy connecting with our church members and the community.  I am married to Pr Grant who adds colour and creativity to my life along with our 2 adult children who live and work in Sydney.  When I’m away from my desk I love being outdoors with my dog or gardening.  My desire each day is to make a positive difference in someone’s life for Christ.

Rosalie is available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays.

Yvanna Boulton

Admin Secretary & Project Co-ordinator

South Island – Entities

Scott Cameron

Pascoe Park Caretaker

John Parrett

Lake Lyndon Lodge

Phone: 03 343 4637 Website:

South Island – NZPUC Directors


Adrielle Carrasco

Director of Adventist Health Ministries & Union Liaison for Women’s Ministries

Email: 09 250 1770 or 09 533 0581Website:

Adrielle began her career in health as a registered nurse at the Auckland Adventist Hospital. The following eight years, Adrielle worked extensively in the South Auckland community in various nursing roles, and focused her skills on diabetes education towards the end of that time. She has also worked on various health projects in the community both in New Zealand and Australia.

Recent years have seen Adrielle working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for diabetes, presenting workshops and classes in diabetes management and insulin administration, and completing a Master of Health Sciences at Otago University. With her current role as director of Adventist Health Ministries, she is passionate about helping others live happy holistic lifestyles, while being a positive influence in their community.

Adrielle is happily married to Dan and has three grown children.


Rosalie McFarlane

NZPUC - Education Director

Phone: 09 250 1770Website:

Rosalie oversees the Seventh-day Adventist School system in New Zealand, Cook Islands and French Polynesia.  Originally from the Waikato, trained through Longburn Adventist College, Rosalie has worked as a teacher and Principal in Adventist schools for 30 years and served in her current role for 7.

She dedicated herself to supporting children through holistic education to choose Jesus as their personal Saviour and committing themselves to eternal service to others in their areas of, gifting, skill and expertise. Developing high quality leaders and teachers and supporting all Adventist parents to educate their children in a way that allows them to be authentic Adventists leading the church through the 21st Century is her driving vision.


Victor Kulakov

NZPUC - Discipleship Ministries Leader

Phone: 09 250 1770Website:

Pr Victor Kulakov who currently services as the Director of Family Relationships Cluster for New Zealand Pacific Union Conference has ministered in two other countries, Russia and Greece. He has a beautiful wife, Agnessa, and two boys, Nathan and Daniel. He enjoys skiing, travelling, photography, playing with his boys and meeting new people. Victor’s greatest passion is to empower people to fall in love with life – make positive changes, enjoy the fullness of relationships and have abundance and success in all aspects of life.


Denison Grellmann

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) - Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 09 625 0888Call Centre: 0800 4 999 111Website:

Denison, his wife and two young boys arrived in New Zealand in June 2016 when Denison began serving as the ADRA New Zealand CEO. Having moved from the Philippines where Denison served as the Country Director for ADRA. Originally born in Brazil, Denison has been on a great number of adventures in his life having served with ADRA in countries including Madagascar, Mozambique, and Laos, along with time at ADRA Australia and ADRA International. Having previously studied management, accounting and international development, Denison has acquired a great set of skills and experience which adds great value in leading the ADRA team.

Denison is also a strong believer in taking action to support others, “when people see that we truly care about helping them rebuild their lives, they will see a reflection of God in our service.”