North Island – Lead Team

Pr Ben Timothy

Ben Timothy

Lead Pastor


Making Disciples: Multiplying Ministries: Transforming Communities

The eternal good news of Jesus is at the heart of Healthy Adventist Communities. Jesus as the centre of our lives and forefront of our mission is what transforms us and our communities.


Hugh Heenan

General Secretary


Shane Palipane

Chief Financial Officer


A Sri Lankan by birth and an Australian by nationality, Shane has made New Zealand his current home. He was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer for the North New Zealand Conference in 2010. He is passionate about holistic stewardship, servant leadership and vibrant health. Shane is married to Anne and together they have two children Shane Jnr and Soraya.

North Island – Ministry Support Team


Hana Greenfield

Executive Assistant / Communications


Having been in this role for nine years now, it feels as if NNZC is my life! I joined the team in 2009 and have since then grown and learned so much of what I do today on the job. I can see how my previous work experience in HR, admin, office management and volunteering with non-for profit organisations overseas , has helped shape and prepare me for ministry in this context. I am married to Paul Greenfield who is also my partner in ministry in our local church. Together we are very grateful for our 5 children. I am also currently working on a Degree in Counselling through BTI in Tauranga. Watching individuals and churches grow in health has been the most exciting part of my job. I can’t wait to see what God does in and through us in the next season of ministry.


Valmarie Young

Administration Assistant for Healthy Adventist Churches / Membership Management

Email: 09 262 5620

Lisa Kask

Graphic / Website Design


Work Hours: part time, off site


Lucao Faamoana


Email: 09 262 5620

Kim Teao

Administrative Assistant for Trust Services/Reception Support

Email: 09 262 5620

Wholeheartedly committing her life to God in the year 2000 was the start of a life journey in faith, hope and love. Kim began serving at the North New Zealand Conference in February 2014 and her desire for people is to pursue their relationship with God, to live life as God intended for them by His gracious Spirit through the love of Jesus. The reason for her smile is the joy in serving the Lord 🙂


Russell Jones

Trust Services Director


Trevor Gray

Conference Health & Safety Advisor

North Island – Healthy Adventist Communities Team


Paul Siope

Healthy Adventist Churches Senior Pastor


Lynelle Laws

Partners in Ministry Coordinator / Women’s Ministry Coordinator


Lynelle coordinates the Women in the North NZ Conference of SDA’s and is also responsible for nurturing the Pastoral Spouses in the same. She has training and experience in teaching from Pre School aged children, through to Tertiary level. Her passion is to meet people where they are, sharing an authentic Christianity, that allows Jesus to shine on a practical level.


Dale Hokin

Family & Children’s Pastor. Pathfinders & Adventurers Director

Email: 09 262 5620

Dale has the role of strengthening families to better love and support each other, and to better reflect Jesus. He is passionate about having people loved and nurtured, and supporting each other spiritually, emotionally and physically. This also means our children are being raised in strong, Godly families and churches where they are free to thrive and know God. Add Pathfinders and Adventurers, a discipleship ministry for children, and Dale has the best job in New Zealand. He is supported in ministry by his wife Anneli, and by their children Kara and Joshua.

Facebook: AdventistFamilyMinistriesNZ | Facebook: AdventistTeensNNZ | Facebook: AdventistPathfindersNNZ


Matt Moore

Youth & Chaplaincy Pastor

Email: 09 262 5620

Matt Moore is a Kiwi who has called Australia home for the past 13 years. Matt is married to Carly, and they have 2 boys, Ryan (11) and Jayse (8). Matt has spent the last 13 years working on the Gold Coast as a Teacher/Chaplain and is passionate about the gospel and seeing young people make decisions for Jesus. Matt has a degree in Primary Teaching and a Master’s Degree in Family Ministry. He loves the All Blacks, Cambodia, badminton, golf and cold watermelon…though in NZ, he will happily sub the watermelon for Feijoas!

Facebook: AdventistYouthNNZ

Instagram: AdventistYouthNNZ


Tolo Pereira

Early Childhood Education Coordinator


Doug McLeod

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Northland / North Harbour Church Pastor


Paora Teaukura

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Auckland / Auckland Cook Islands & Mangere Church Pastor


Etonia Temo

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Auckland / Otahuhu, Auckland Fijian & Auckland Indian Church Pastor


Ben Martin

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Central / Hamilton Church Pastor


Anton van Wyk

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - South / Palmerston North Church Pastor


Limoni Manu

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - South / Ministry Development Pastor / Palmerston North Church Associate Pastor / Wanganui & Hawera Church Pastor


Jake Ormsby

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Wellington / Porirua & Porirua Cook Islands Church Pastor / Wellington School Chaplain

North Island – Accounting Services


Irene Yang

Senior Accountant / Team Leader


Anne Grondman

Assistant Accountant


Hoang Le-Kimani

Assistant Accountant


Nellie Tahana

Assistant Accountant


Garam Kim

Assistant Accountant


Steven Kershaw

Senior Accounts Clerk


Masina Palelei

Senior Accounts Clerk

North Island – Entities


Norman King

Tui Ridge Park - Manager


Christine Miles

Adventist Book Centre (ABC) - Manager

Email: 09 277 8543Website:

Jon Marshall

Bethesda - Chief Executive Officer

Email: 09 2625650Website:

North Island – NZPUC Directors


Denison Grellmann

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) - Chief Executive Officer

Email: 09 625 0888Call Centre: 0800 4 999 111Website:

Denison, his wife and two young boys arrived in New Zealand in June 2016 when Denison began serving as the ADRA New Zealand CEO. Having moved from the Philippines where Denison served as the Country Director for ADRA. Originally born in Brazil, Denison has been on a great number of adventures in his life having served with ADRA in countries including Madagascar, Mozambique, and Laos, along with time at ADRA Australia and ADRA International. Having previously studied management, accounting and international development, Denison has acquired a great set of skills and experience which adds great value in leading the ADRA team.

Denison is also a strong believer in taking action to support others, “when people see that we truly care about helping them rebuild their lives, they will see a reflection of God in our service.”


Rosalie McFarlane

NZPUC - Education Director

Email: 09 250 1770Website:

Rosalie oversees the Seventh-day Adventist School system in New Zealand, Cook Islands and French Polynesia.  Originally from the Waikato, trained through Longburn Adventist College, Rosalie has worked as a teacher and Principal in Adventist schools for 30 years and served in her current role for 7.

She dedicated herself to supporting children through holistic education to choose Jesus as their personal Saviour and committing themselves to eternal service to others in their areas of, gifting, skill and expertise. Developing high quality leaders and teachers and supporting all Adventist parents to educate their children in a way that allows them to be authentic Adventists leading the church through the 21st Century is her driving vision.

Adrielle Carrasco

Adrielle Carrasco

Director of Adventist Health Ministries & Union Liaison for Women’s Ministries

Email: 09 250 2746 or 021 027 31130Website:

Adrielle began her career in health as a registered nurse at the Auckland Adventist Hospital. The following eight years, Adrielle worked extensively in the South Auckland community in various nursing roles, and focused her skills on diabetes education towards the end of that time. She has also worked on various health projects in the community both in New Zealand and Australia.

Recent years have seen Adrielle working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for diabetes, presenting workshops and classes in diabetes management and insulin administration, and completing a Master of Health Sciences at Otago University. With her current role as director of Adventist Health Ministries, she is passionate about helping others live happy holistic lifestyles, while being a positive influence in their community.

Adrielle is happily married to Dan and has three grown children.