What do you know about Regional Pastors?

North New Zealand Conference (NNZC) has eight Regional Pastors in place. In nearly all cases, these are not full-time in Regional Pastoring, but have other responsibilities as well. Because much of their work is done quietly in the background, their presence might not be widely known. Here are some quick facts. . .

Role description. . . . Regional Pastors are senior pastors in the field who provide added guidance, support, inspiration, training, and resourcing for pastors and congregations. Each Regional Pastor serves a selection of geographic areas, or alternatively may serve with a specific focus for the entire Conference. There is one goal—to help advance the Everlasting Gospel in our territory.

A change of direction. . . . The Regional Pastor model springs from a change of direction in NNZC—from a “departmental” structure to an “all hands on deck for spiritual health and growth” approach. Pastoral support resources are shifted as much as possible from the office to the field, leading to greater local presence, involvement and response. Regional Pastors began as a trial move in 2010, and leaders are finding it is proving its worth immensely.

In the southern region. . . . Anton van Wyk, based in Palmerston North. Serving Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, and Taranaki. Jake Ormsby, based in and serving the Wellington area; also providing chaplaincy support in Wellington and beyond.

In the central region. . . . Ben Martin, based in Whakatane. Serving Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Gisborne.

Auckland region. . . . Etonia Temo. Also Paora Teaukura, who serves additionally as co-ordinator for Family Ministries. And Paul Siope, also leading the Conference-wide church planting ministry.

Youth and childrenʼs ministries. . . . Matt Moore & Dale Hokin, taking a “Jesus First” approach Conference-wide, with emphasis on connection and training in the field.

In Northland. . . . Doug McLeod, based in Whangarei while also continuing his overall ministry as Sr Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches.

Role description. . . . Each Regional Pastor serves as a G-U-I-D-E . . . to guide, to understand, to inspire, to defend, to encourage. See 1 Corinthians 4:1, 4, The Message.

  • Please pray for the Regional Pastors and all with whom they work.
  • If you would like more information about this, please email Valmarie Young, ValmarieYoung@adventist.org.nz.

Paul Siope

Healthy Adventist Churches Senior Pastor


Doug McLeod

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Northland / North Harbour Church Pastor


Paora Teaukura

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Auckland / Auckland Cook Islands & Mangere Church Pastor


Etonia Temo

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Auckland / Otahuhu, Auckland Fijian & Auckland Indian Church Pastor


Ben Martin

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Central / Hamilton Church Pastor


Anton van Wyk

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - South / Palmerston North Church Pastor


Limoni Manu

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - South / Ministry Development Pastor / Palmerston North Church Associate Pastor / Wanganui & Hawera Church Pastor


Jake Ormsby

Regional Pastor for Healthy Adventist Churches - Wellington / Porirua & Porirua Cook Islands Church Pastor / Wellington School Chaplain