On behalf of SNZC, I want to share our heartfelt appreciation for the support of the wider Adventist Movement.

Pr Eddie Tupa’i (NZPUC president) and Pr Ben Timothy (NNZC president) and the entities they represent have both actively supported us since March 15 through calls, emails and also jumping on a plane to visit us.

This has included attending funerals, visiting our schools, the Muslim family support centre, attending the Christian vigil, and the National Memorial Service.

They also took time to listen and prayerfully support our team. Our staff felt supported and cared for. We know these men lead very busy lives but the fact that they came and spent time with us was a huge blessing. In times like these, it helps to know that we’re part of a Worldwide Church Family.

– Pr Mike Sikuri, President, South New Zealand Conference