Whitianga home church embodies total membership involvement (TMI) when it comes to Outreach. A church of 6 members had a 100% total membership involvement in a recent outreach program that saw 12 new friends attend.

Coromandel in its remoteness, is the jewel of the east coast on North New Zealand, with stunning white beaches and beautiful bush clad mountains. It’s a popular holiday destination with New Zealanders and tourist alike. For a church, the main challenge here would be “How do you reach a region where population swells 10 times over the summer, and 50% of homes are empty most of the year?” This was the question the small Whitianga church group grappled with. They kept coming back to the importance of connecting through “good food and good health”.

Inspired, the group set out to conduct a 6-week cooking school, which was organised and run by Jan Carter, (CHEP and CHIP qualified). The members invested their own money to pay the printing cost of the invites and letterboxed their communities. The initiative was met by a tremendous response from the community.  The local radio produced adverts and airtime multiple times for 10 days. The local Mercury Bay Medical Centre handed out brochures, and invitations to the patients they estimated could benefit. Local Delivery drivers joined in distributing the flyers to outlying communities. The local community Centre, which is open to not-for-profit groups, opened its door and let the church use their modern facilities for free.

Whitianga church group is small and advancing in years, but very committed to evangelism “says pastor Marilyn Pasione, “I was so impressed that 100% of the members got involved in the outreach, and God blessed their work. As a take-out, there are now more people regularly attending bible studies there, and two more people have become regulars.”

The small home-based church that meets in different homes, are excited to already be planning more outreach for 2020 and invite you to join them for worship should you be holidaying in the Coromandel. They meet in various homes so email for information on venue [email protected]

Pr Kirsten Oster Lundqvist NNZC Communications and media officer with Jan Carter